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PRODUCT DYNAMICS IS EXCITED TO BE EXCLUSIVELY PARTNERED WITH THE RESILIENCE PROJECT to deliver the benefits of Gratitude, Empathy & Mindfulness (GEM) in our School Planner range

For the past 5 years, Product Dynamics in partnership with The Resilience Project have supplied their student wellbeing and teacher wellbeing planners to over 300 schools and 2000 teachers across Australia.

This partnership has allowed us to publish their evidence-based school wellbeing program in our school planners. Whilst we are not the experts in mental health, this is important to us because we know the challenges to student wellbeing with 1 in 4 secondary students and 1 in 7 primary students experiencing mental ill health. The recent school wellbeing program at Victorian Royal Commission findings in the space of mental health highlights prevention is key. It is also evident that improving student wellbeing and teacher wellbeing is a critical contributor to improving school outcomes.

Happy New Year and a big thank you for the excellent service from Product Dynamics in the design, production and shipping of our student planners, it is very much appreciated.

Shelagh ScottDeputy Head Secondary South Coast Baptist College

Thanks so much for your patience and keeping in contact to make sure I get it done. Greatly appreciated. Cheers.

David Collins5/6 Classroom Teacher Ararat Primary School

Absolutely, 100% perfect!!┬áThank you again – I sincerely appreciate your attention to detail and patience with this process of set up.

Sarah WilliamsDeputy Principal Newington Public School