Product Dynamics specialises in the design, print and distribution of school planners for primary and secondary schools throughout Australia.

With over 25 years’ experience developing innovative planning products, Product Dynamics creates time management resources which aid, inform and engage students of all ages. Trusted by over 1,200 schools across Australia each year to deliver a superior quality and practical planning tool catered to their individual needs.

What We Do

We can personalise a school planner in any way - from simply adding a colour branded front cover, to creating unique, customised content on every single page. Our complete range offers invaluable, practical planning tools to help stay organised and encourage communication across the school community. Customise your planner with school colours and add a wide range of extras including jackets, stickers and bookmarks.

As a customer of Product Dynamics you can expect:

  • Superior-quality printed school planners made using premium materials and progressive manufacturing techniques.
  • Responsive, personal service and ongoing support when choosing and customising your planning tool.
  • Guaranteed, punctual delivery of your planner no matter how large or small your order.


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